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John Kjelstrom accepts the role of Chair of the NCREIF PREA Reporting Standards Council

November 13, 2023


At the NCREIF Annual Fall Conference, John Kjelstrom accepted the role of Chair of the NCREIF PREA Reporting Standards Council. Accepting from his predecessor, John Caruso, he is committed to expanding the mission of the Reporting Standards to facilitate transparency and consistency globally.

"It was especially meaningful to briefly interview outgoing chair, John Caruso, whose significant contributions to our industry sets a high benchmark for future endeavors in our field. I am grateful for his leadership and to have learned from him over the past several years."

John Kjelstrom

At the conference, John Kjelstrom presented at the Reporting Standards meeting. Titled Debt: Two Sides of the Note, the conferece focused on debt both from borrower and lending perspectives, current market trends, and how evolving debt strategies are shaping borrowers' investment strategies heading into 2024. Session highlights included:

  • Town hall meeting of members — a discussion of NCREIF's new Debt Aggregate data and report.
  • Economic conditions — an overview of current economic trends hosted by the Research Committee.
  • As a borrower — a review of the capital stack and the evolving debt strategies employed by borrowers.
  • As a lender — current market trends and the evolution of lending from low risk insurance companies, pension fund assets, and the return of strategies and capital sources.