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Jackie Bowie discusses the dilemma facing office investors looking to refinance in the Financial Times

August 8, 2023


The Financial Times interviews Jackie Bowie about pressures facing owners of office space to dispose of their office investments in the coming months as their loans mature and they struggle to refinance.

“If there’s just no availability to refinance at the level they are looking for, it might not be your decision anymore.”

Jackie Bowie in the Financial Times

Some owners are likely to be forced by lenders to dispose of their offices in the coming months as loans mature and they struggle to refinance their debt because of rising rates, analysts add. For the first time, a Dubai-based property developer will buy London office space — snapping up the properties at bargain prices. The company will target prime areas, including Mayfair, Victoria and Canary Wharf and favours locations where planning permits are easier to secure.

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