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CEO Update: President and Chairman appointments

May 27, 2022
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    Matt Henry

    Managing Partner
    Chief Executive Officer

    Kennett Square, PA


Matt Henry announces changes to two key leadership roles at Chatham Financial.

I’m pleased to announce some changes to two key leadership roles at Chatham Financial.

First, the Chatham Board of Directors has appointed Amol Dhargalkar to the position of Chair. I’ve worked with Amol for over 18 years and have always known him to put Chatham clients and our people first in everything he does. Whether he’s advising on complex hedging strategies or innovating new software for hedge accounting or helping a new team member understand our principles and values, Amol embodies what makes Chatham different and great. There’s a reason why some of the best and brightest CFOs and treasurers in the world call Amol first with difficult capital markets questions.

Next, Laura Grant will fill the newly created role of President. For our clients that have worked with Laura, it makes perfect sense why she is the best person to guide our business strategy and client experience. Like Amol, Laura brings her vast wealth of knowledge in the capital markets gained from working with REITs and institutional real estate investors throughout her career. Laura’s expertise and natural knack for scaled, high-quality client service gives her a unique perspective on Chatham’s business while her close attention to market trends leads Laura to find new, creative ways to serve our clients. And when it comes to identifying and developing talent, Laura excels at motivating her colleagues to recognize and reach their full potential, inspiring others to do the same with their teams.

In their respective roles as Chairman and President, Amol and Laura, along with the rest of the leadership team, will continue to lead the way at Chatham. Laura and Amol will continue to be major forces in our future successes leading with expertise infused into every advisory engagement, process execution, and software release setting Chatham apart from alternatives to solving the common but complex capital markets challenges.

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  • Matt Henry

    Managing Partner
    Chief Executive Officer

    Kennett Square, PA

    Matt Henry is Chatham’s Chief Executive Officer. He leads Chatham’s global operations and brings more than 17 years of experience helping clients manage common yet complex challenges in the capital markets.