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Amol Dhargalkar joins Bloomberg Surveillance Radio for a discussion of hedging strategies

June 27, 2024
Bloomberg Surveillance Radio


Amol Dhargalkar visited the Bloomberg Surveillance Radio studio to discuss how to approach hedging in the current markets, where he sees near-term risk for corporations, and whether the strong U.S. dollar will continue.

Bloomberg Surveillance with Amol Dhargalkar

With interest rates remaining higher into the second half of 2024, Amol Dhargalkar's Bloomberg Surveillance interview covered the state of multinational corporates hedging needs in the current market. How should CFOs approach hedging commodities? And, how are CFOs reacting to interest rates staying at this higher level? Will the U.S. Dollar strength continue? Finally, what concerns Amol about the emerging private credit market?

“What CFOs are really thinking about, ‘What can I do today to lower the cost of capital?’”

Amol Dhargalkar on Bloomberg Surveillance

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