• From our derivative and debt valuations and leading debt management system, to our comprehensive hedge portfolio management system, Chatham solutions are built on sophisticated and market-tested technology.

  • With over 200 professionals in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Chatham has built its business by bringing integrity, transparency and expertise to the capital markets.

  • Coupling our deep derivatives expertise with our knowledge of derivatives regulatory requirements, Chatham is ideally situated to help companies navigate a complex new derivatives marketplace.

  • From hedging, accounting, and valuations, to capital advisory, defeasance, and debt management, Chatham has the expertise needed to assist our clients from strategy, to execution, to reporting.

  • Through our work on tens of thousands of complex financial transactions, we have built technology solutions that give our clients the accuracy, timeliness, and information security they demand.

  • Chatham has expanded its consulting service for companies seeking to understand and adapt to new derivatives regulatory requirements.

  • CorporationsOur financial risk practitioners partner on a wide range of risk needs, from hedging strategies to hedge accounting to risk management technology.

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  • Financial Institutions Chatham’s experienced team will shoulder the burdens and complexities of a derivatives program so you can focus on what matters.

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  • Real Estate Whether it’s derivatives, debt management, capital advisory, or defeasance, Chatham has managed risk for real estate clients globally for 20+ years.

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  • Private Equity Chatham understands the attributes which characterize the hedging philosophy of Private Equity firms at the portfolio company and fund levels.

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