About Chatham

Chatham Financial is a full-service financial advisory & technology solutions provider that takes an unexpected approach to developing individuals into successful and impactful financial professionals.

Are you a problem solver?

Chatham Financial challenges critical thinkers to dive deep into the following problem. Those who answer tactfully and thoughtfully will be rewarded!

Problem: You would like to inflate a balloon to a diameter of 8”. Your first breath gives you a diameter of 2”. How many more breaths do you need?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join our team?

We provide intellectually challenging, thought-provoking work in finance that stretches and develops you. Chathamites, as we like to call ourselves, take on meaningful work as they progress through a steep learning curve supported by a strong team network.

What’s training like at Chatham?

We take a whole person view on people development and make a significant investment in our team members. Our training is based on two pillars: knowledge and accessibility. We are subject matter experts, so knowledge acquisition is a primary responsibility in everyone’s role. Our open environment enables accessibility giving motivated, self-starters the opportunity to interact regularly with high-level leaders during client engagements, as well as learn from and partner with colleagues who are expert practitioners.

What if I will not be graduating this year?

Summer@Chatham, our 10-week internship program, places students on a Business or Technology Team where they will have the opportunity to make an impact through meaningful team and project work while networking, training and learning alongside some of the most highly skilled professionals in the industry.