• Derivatives Compliance

Previously, Jason was part of the forensic economics team in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) Division of Enforcement, where he conducted research and advised legal teams on trading practices, economics, and data analytic methodologies in all case phases from preliminary inquiry / triage through litigation / settlement. So far, his matters resulted in over $750 million in penalties and involved everything from benchmark rigging (e.g., ISDAFIX) to cross-market spoofing to wash trading and money laundering across diverse portfolios of listed and OTC derivatives. These matters involved investigating a wide range of market participants, such as agricultural commodity end-users, commodity trading houses, asset managers, swap dealers, PTFs, and HFTs. Many of these matters required that he write software and algorithms to reliably identify, forensically reconstruct / model, and characterize trading strategies from multiple data sources over multiple years.
Before joining the CFTC, Jason staffed an analytical help desk for the CFTC; coordinated the data quality assurance process for a major Census Bureau labor market data program; and provided forensic exercise evaluation, modeling and simulation analyses in the public safety and security space.
Jason completed a BA in International Studies (Middle East area focus) at the University of South Carolina and an MA Applied Economics and Certificate in Forecasting Practice at Johns Hopkins University.
In addition to having passed the first level of the CFA exam, Jason holds the CAMS designation in anti-money laundering and a STEP Certificate in International Trust Management.