Corporate Case Study: Tracking & Reporting for Hedges

Corporate Case Study: Tracking & Reporting for Hedges
Our Client:
A global musical instruments manufacturer and distributor who actively manages FX and interest rate risk exposures.
The company was managing over 1,500 derivative instruments in Excel and was applying hedge accounting for more than half of their derivatives portfolio. They were applying a


Oscar Wilde, Finance Genius?

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As big fans of Oscar Wilde’s writing, we at Chatham consider it a privilege to extend his work by helping companies understand the price of everything and the value of everything under ASC 820.


Foreign Currency Hedging

Foreign Currency Risk Management
If not properly managed, currency risk presents exposure that can have severe financial consequences to an organization’s financial statements. It is not uncommon for companies with currency exposure to underestimate the financial impact of currency fluctuations on their business and miss the opportunity to develop a robust currency risk management


Serving Portfolio Companies

As a partner to financial sponsors, Chatham is often enlisted to work directly with in-house treasurers and CFOs. We have worked with hundreds of companies that need help with their hedge accounting program or an analysis of their current and future exposures.
We can augment in-house resources of the organization with our team of hedge


Debt Management

At-a-glance management to save time and costs
As a real estate investor, managing debt terms, payments, covenants and other details can quickly become a job that a spreadsheet alone can’t handle.
The Chatham Debt Management system helps clients ease the burdens of managing and reporting on their debt portfolio. This web-based system centralizes all debt


Overview of Reporting and Recordkeeping