IFRS 9: Part 4: The Impact of Adopting IFRS 9 on the Costs of Hedging

Part 4: The Impact of Adopting IFRS 9 on the Costs of Hedging
November 2014

In case you missed them here are: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 In Part 4: IFRS 9 introduces several new concepts to the area of hedge accounting. One of these new concepts is “costs of hedging.”


Overpaying for Baking Soda (and Underpaying for Ice Cream)

Every time we run to the grocery store or pharmacy for household staples like baking soda or ibuprofen, we’re faced with a choice – to buy the name brand or the store brand. On the one hand, there’s something reassuring about purchasing a nationally-recognized brand; after all, if they can afford to advertise during


Corporate Case Study: Tracking & Reporting for Hedges

Corporate Case Study: Tracking & Reporting for Hedges
Our Client:
A global musical instruments manufacturer and distributor who actively manages FX and interest rate risk exposures.
The company was managing over 1,500 derivative instruments in Excel and was applying hedge accounting for more than half of their derivatives portfolio. They were applying a


Foreign Currency Hedging

Foreign Currency Hedging, fx hedging, currency hedging

Managing the foreign currency rate changes that can impact returns
Investors who purchase foreign assets run the risk that movement in local currency rates can reduce the underlying value of their expected/projected return. Many investors seeking to reduce such risks are wary of making large upfront cash outlays as well as potential breakage


Risk Management Technology

treasury risk management, accounting for financial institutions, Financial Risk MGMT Solutions

Intelligent Financial Risk Management Solutions
As your business grows internationally and your currency exposure becomes more meaningful or complex, you may find that your current approach for managing FX risk leaves you frustrated or vulnerable. Whether your issue is hedge accounting challenges, needing a better way to analyze risk, reporting your trades under EMIR, or…


A Derivatives Carol with Enduser Scrooge

We have endeavored in this Ghostly little post, to raise the Ghost of an Idea, which we hope shall not put our readers out of humour with themselves, with each other, with the season, or with us.