Independent capital markets advisory serving real estate investors

Real estate investors are continuously finding both opportunities and challenges in conjunction with real estate foundations and capital markets complexities. Sourcing capital, advantageous structuring, and restructuring transactions may be common activities, but for investors, each deal is unique.

Chatham Real Estate Investment Banking offers a combination of capital markets expertise and in-depth commercial real estate knowledge to advise on these complex financial needs. Our specialized experience and broad market knowledge, as well as wide range of relationships with capital sources, make Chatham the trusted partner investors seek.

About Chatham Real Estate Investment Banking

Capital perspectives and advisory from independent experts: As a functioning member of our clients’ teams, Chatham Capital Advisors brings an unbiased perspective with our clients’ best interests foremost in mind. We are view-neutral on sources and structures for capital, and our strategies are informed by the individual client deal. This helps ensure the best solution for each unique need.

Comprehensive analysis resulting in clear strategic direction: At both the asset and portfolio level, Chatham ensures the optimal strategy in financings, leveraging our proprietary analytics tools and models and vast market knowledge. From strategic advisory engagements to restructuring and bankruptcy assignments, Chatham successfully navigates the capital markets and represents its clients best interests.

Experienced in complex structures and strategies: The more sophisticated the deal, the more Chatham excels in achieving desired results. Our understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each lending market enables us to span multiple markets. We have created innovative, never-before-seen loan structures to overcome financing hurdles. We negotiate best-in-class terms every time for every deal.

How companies work with Chatham

From simpler engagements advising and analyzing best capital structures to comprehensive relationships spanning years on landmark properties, Chatham presents clear engagement fees and provides expertise in relation to capital markets and real estate. We bring advice, insights and alternatives to our clients, working in concert with them to achieve their goals and manage their deals.

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