The right hedge accounting can reduce volatility in your financials

As a real estate company filing with the SEC or providing transparency to investors, you are responsible for financial reporting. If you’re hedging you have sensitivity to the resulting volatility in earnings, and you can benefit from hedge accounting that navigates standards from the FASB and IAS and aligns under US GAAP and IFRS.

Chatham Financial pioneered the gold standard in hedge accounting for real estate companies when derivatives were first introduced. Our solutions are why most REITs applying hedge accounting use Chatham as their hedge accounting partner.

How Chatham Hedge Accounting helps real estate companies

We align optimal economic hedging and favorable hedge accounting: Our expertise in both structuring transactions and interpreting the nuances of the hedge accounting standards enable us to optimize accounting results. With a primary objective of reducing volatility through trusted application

Efficient financial statement results: Chatham’s comprehensive hedge accounting solutions include hedging policies, hedge designation memos, valuations, journal entries, effectiveness tests, disclosures, and related reports.

Robust derivative valuations: We calculate derivative valuations using the same methodologies that most sophisticated global financial institutions do to satisfy ASC 820 and IFRS 13 requirements.

Education and support for addressing questions: Our hedge accounting experts provide support to key stakeholders. For example, we can educate senior management on the impact of hedge accounting or help your team answer questions raised by auditors or regulators.

Comprehensive program: When used in concert with our expert hedging execution, Chatham delivers excellence by structuring hedging strategies to receive the most favorable accounting treatment under the global hedge accounting standards. This gives our clients greater confidence and peace of mind that they are getting the optimal results.

How companies work with Chatham

We deliver customized hedge accounting programs, which is typically arranged as a fully scoped retainer agreement. Removing the burden of hedge accounting is just one way Chatham helps commercial real estate finance teams focus on the core of their business. We provide the trusted hedge accounting solution for companies of all sizes, providing quality reporting, transparency, and accurate financials.

To learn more about Chatham Financial’s Commercial Real Estate Hedge Accounting Solutions, please contact us today.