Hedging Diagnostic Toolkit

Informed hedging decisions start here

With Hedging Diagnostics, Financial Institutions will gain additional insights into lending decisions to estimate the economic value of a lending opportunity by demonstrating equivalent floating rate loan economics based on today’s swap curve. Additionally Financial Institutions will receive conceptual and practical approaches to implementing hedging programs.

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Hedging Diagnostics Toolkit contains

Chatham’s risk management consultants work with clients to develop and execute accounting-friendly hedging strategies that best meet the bank’s ALM objectives. We leverage our strong capital markets presence, Dodd-Frank regulatory experience, proprietary analytical models, and hedge accounting and valuation technology platform on your behalf to structure the best possible derivative terms and price.
    MATCh – (Market Assessment Tool from Chatham)

  • Real-time, web-based tool that helps you make informed decisions about lending decisions and gain quantitative insight into specific hedging opportunities
  • MATCh enable users to:
    • View market swap rates for fixed rate loan pricing
    • Access historical data to gain understanding of current position in the rate cycle
    • Generate and export payment schedules across a variety of amortization structures
    • Provide interest rate risk transparency via financial market perspective
    • Monitor, track, update saved opportunities


    Draft Hedge Policy

  • Well-formed draft hedging policy
  • Understand the steps involved in putting the policy into action
    Hedging Education

  • Understand ways to contemplate interest rate risk given your FI’s funding, investing and lending practices
  • Gain an understanding of swap curve pricing discipline for long-term lending decisions
  • Evaluate business strategies and the applicability of different hedging strategies
    Hedging Roadmap

  • Identify hedging strategy(ies) that are most appropriate for your Financial Institution and how they can be deployed

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