FX Services for Financial Institutions

As Financial Institutions (FI) expand their services to meet the growing needs of their customers, providing a comprehensive Foreign Exchange (FX) solution may become a competitive advantage, or even a requirement, in today’s market. While many community and regional FIs seek to offer better FX capabilities to their customers, they often face implementation and compliance challenges along the way. Outsourced third-party providers can provide the necessary infrastructure to execute an FX transaction on behalf of the FI’s customers, but the FI will still find itself responsible for addressing operational and compliance risks associated with running an FX program.

How Chatham Supports Financial Institutions

Leveraging our proven expertise and established infrastructure in offering interest rate hedging solutions, Chatham has built an advisory practice to help financial institutions develop and optimize FX services. With a partnership mentality, our goal is to enable our clients, and ultimately their customers, to compete more effectively in our global economy. Our services for FX include:

  • FX Regulatory Services – Since the adoption of Dodd-Frank, FIs have undergone tremendous change in the areas of risk and compliance. Whether you need on-call regulatory advisory or an assessment of your program’s needs, Chatham can help you meet your FX compliance obligations with complete confidence.
  • FX Hedging Capabilities – In order to retain profitable client relationships, FIs must be able to meet customer hedging needs, even if infrequent. Chatham’s team can help you implement an FX program through our custom technology solution and advisory services so that your FI is prepared to meet its clients’ FX hedging needs.
  • FX Valuation and Reporting Capabilities – Tracking, valuing and reporting FX transactions are essential capabilities for any FI looking to offer FX products to its customers. ChathamDirect enables the tracking, valuation, regulatory reporting and collateral management necessary for all FX transactions.

Benefits of Chatham’s FX Services for Financial Institutions

As an independent advisor with a global presence, Chatham has a long history serving organizations with FX risk management needs. We have deep in-house expertise and have built proven FX models that support thousands of transactions annually. Our integrated approach leverages the economic, regulatory compliance and system capabilities that are critical to managing a cost-effective FX program.

As a long-time partner to financial institutions, we understand how FIs operate and are committed to helping our clients thrive and grow.

To learn more about Chatham’s FX services for FIs, please contact us today.