Managing hedge accounting for a company can be extremely challenging. Hedge accounting standards under US GAAP and IFRS are very complex. Complying with the requirements takes real expertise in interpreting the accounting standards and understanding the nuances between right and wrong. Chatham’s hedge accounting team specializes in navigating the complexities of ASC 815 and IAS 39, helping to properly align the economics and the accounting of transactions to achieve desired results. The ChathamDirect hedge accounting module incorporates proven hedge accounting expertise with superior user experience. Chatham’s client-tailored hedge accounting solutions are designed to provide clarity while also providing technical consulting, analysis, education and key hedge accounting service.

As a company Treasurer, you have many priorities competing for your time and just as many people seeking your attention. Most treasurers are looking to maximize the value of their teams and accomplish more with limited resources. In addition, the evolving regulatory landscape with Dodd-Frank and EMIR puts even greater complexity in day-to-day treasury management. Chatham has a proven track record of helping treasurers ensure effective and efficient risk management programs. With our technology you can turn data points into insight-driven decisions. Whether you are looking for easier ways to put accurate data at your command, or you wish to supplement your team with trusted experts, Chatham brings the right services and tools to the challenge.

As the person most responsible for improving the overall financial performance of your organization, risk management is among your many priorities. Chatham has assisted thousands of CFOs with everything from validating the effectiveness of their existing hedging programs to quantifying risk and implementing new programs. We help connect the dots enabling CFOs to see their risk holistically across both treasury and accounting.
We work with companies of all sizes to develop tailored solutions for short-term needs and that set the stage for long term success. We recognize the desire to avoid unwanted surprises and compliance problems. That’s why Chatham puts more science behind your existing or new program, as well as the technology that puts accurate information at your fingertips and gives you financial peace of mind in navigating new hedge accounting regulations.