Treasury Risk Management and Hedge Accounting Solution

ChathamDirect is a treasury risk management and hedge accounting solution built on the knowledge and experience of Chatham Financial’s industry-leading advisors. ChathamDirect is an end-to-end solution that helps you see your exposure, make good hedging decisions and achieve good hedge accounting.

Capture Foreign Currency Exposures

ChathamDirect helps you easily gather your FX exposure data into one place and in one format. Cash flow forecasts and balance sheet exposures from all of your global businesses are consolidated using a standard format with centralized storage and a streamlined process. And, because ChathamDirect is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, exposures can be entered and reviewed from all major browsers on both Mac and PC – anywhere, at anytime.

Validate Exposures and View Hedge Coverage

ChathamDirect helps you quickly analyze your exposures for accuracy, making it easy to identify missing and incorrect data in real-time. Compare your current hedge coverage to policy targets while filtering on currency, entity, region, business unit, or accounting line item. ChathamDirect gives you the visibility of your exposure details and how they frame the bigger picture of your hedging program.

Make Good Hedging Decisions

ChathamDirect quickly recommends top-up hedges to help you meet your hedging policy targets, so you can easily and accurately manage your operational hedging program. Whether you’re concerned with hedging cash flows in your entity’s functional currency or your parent’s reporting currency, ChathamDirect has the workflow and analysis tools to let you hedge on any level. Adjust inputs and see results immediately without running numerous lengthy reports.

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