Intelligent Financial Risk Management Solutions

As your business grows internationally and your currency exposure becomes more meaningful or complex, you may find that your current approach for managing FX risk leaves you frustrated or vulnerable. Whether your issue is hedge accounting challenges, needing a better way to analyze risk, reporting your trades under EMIR, or just wanting more sophisticated answers to your risk management questions, Chatham Financial may be the answer.

Through our technology platform we offer a holistic solution for understanding interdependent exposures and opportunities, proven ways to quantify risk more accurately, and robust methodology for performing complex analytics. This way, you can successfully make strategic hedging and hedge accounting decisions.

Chatham has been delivering intelligent financial risk management solutions for more than 20 years. In the process, we have helped CFOs and Treasurers turn their data points into insight-driven decisions.

ChathamDirect for FX risk management is a web-based Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) application that delivers Chatham’s practitioner-developed models and technologies directly to clients. This gives them the comprehensive insights and tools they need to effectively manage FX risk.

ChathamDirect for FX risk management is a portfolio of applications developed to enable companies to manage their entire cash flow and balance sheet risk management process. The application is comprised of four key modules:

  • Exposure Management provides a holistic view of exposures, currencies, and hedges by entity. Highly sophisticated analytics tools enable real-time, complex insight generation for what-if scenarios and strategic decision-making.
  • Trade Execution integrates with third-party electronic trading platforms and in-house systems and processes. Once executed, trades flow back to ChathamDirect to automatically trigger inception hedge accounting activities.
  • Valuations loads derivative transactions and manages transaction data and documentation. We also provide timely valuations (including Credit Valuation Adjustments), based on live or end-of-day market data. Valuation reports and sensitivity analyses can also be generated.
  • Hedge Accounting creates and reports on hedge accounting relationships, generates accounting designation documentation and journal entries, and performs effectiveness testing.

Benefits of ChathamDirect for FX Risk Management

Streamlined process: Automated processes save you time. There’s no need to re-key data because your data flows from exposure analysis through hedging to valuations and hedge accounting. You can easily review your information as it moves through the process. The market data and all of the hedge documentation are already in place.

Sophisticated capability built in: ChathamDirect can handle your sophisticated risk management needs quickly and efficiently. Built from the demands of our own practitioners, it provides straightforward solutions even as it manages high transaction volume or complex hedge accounting needs.

On-demand expertise: ChathamDirect clients have direct access to Chatham’s own in-house expert practitioners, who use the system every day.

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