ChathamDirect: Workflow & Automation = Insights & Initiative

September 27, 2017 | 2PM EST | 1/2 hour | Online | by Chatham Financial

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A solid workflow and high degree of automation are important benefits of any system. But how you achieve those benefits matters. Other systems can check the boxes on the features, but ChathamDirect’s intuitive workflow can lead you quickly through your hedging process – everything from exposure management and trade execution to hedge accounting and valuations. With ChathamDirect you can finally begin to contemplate what other initiatives you now have time for.


In this demo, Chatham will cover the following learning objectives:
– Review FX exposure management workflow and hedge accounting automation in ChathamDirect
– Get a sense of the insights and time savings that ChathamDirect can provide for you


John KaneJohn Kane is a member of Chatham’s Corporates team focusing on the ChathamDirect platform. Prior to joining Chatham, John worked in the financial software space for 17 years in various CRM and Sales related roles at companies including Reval and FXpress. Throughout his career, John has helped corporate treasury organizations effectively utilize technology to manage exposure risk, hedging and hedge accounting compliance. John graduated from Villanova University with a degree in History.


Stephen Barr, is a member of Chatham’s Corporates team working as Product Owner on the development of Chatham Financial’s technology SaaS risk management offering (ChathamDirect). Prior to this Stephen led our Valuation Services Team and also worked extensively with the Pricing and Analytics team and Chatham’s Debt Management System team. Before joining Chatham, Stephen worked with two major financial software firms providing analysis on mutual fund accounting, hedge accounting, and portfolio performance measurement. Stephen has a BA from Harvard University and earned his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2008.