Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

Legal disputes over financial derivatives involve significant complexity, turn on highly nuanced issues, and frequently put millions of dollars at stake. Despite this, litigant parties often rely upon testimony from those with only theoretical, academic exposure to derivatives, or those without a record of independent, uncompromised testimony.

Chatham Financial serves clients across the full spectrum of financial risk solutions, including risk management strategy, hedge structuring and execution, documentation, accounting, valuation, and regulatory compliance. Our global team of capital markets experts, risk management advisors, CPAs, lawyers, quantitative analysts, and technology developers works with more than 2,500 clients annually. Our ownership structure – 100% employee ownership without outside investors – facilitates independent advice in the best interests of our clients.

Why Law Firms Hire Chatham

Given our industry-leading team of derivatives experts across disciplines and proven independence, law firms engage us to provide litigation support and expert testimony on derivatives-related disputes. In particular, Chatham consultants have given sworn testimony for disputes in deposition, binding arbitration, and court-of-record settings. Law firms also hire Chatham to provide independent valuations and counsel as part of mediation proceedings.

Deep practitioner expertise: Chatham employs leading experts in hedge structuring, trade execution, derivatives documentation, valuation techniques, hedge accounting, and global derivatives regulatory compliance. Unlike litigation support companies stretched across a vast scope of finance-related legal proceedings, we focus only on providing counsel, independent professional opinions, and sworn testimony where we are experts – financial risk management using interest rate, currency, and commodity derivatives.

Simplifying complexity: We translate complex derivative contract terminology into plain language, spelling out economic, legal, and regulatory implications with brevity and precision. Chatham works with law firm attorneys, client general counsel, and other stakeholders to shed light on both financial and practical consequences of specific derivative structures.

Trusted reputation: Our market leadership in independent risk management advisory flows from the trust clients have placed in us over more than 25 years. Legal professionals and ultimate clients value our independence, and attest that Chatham experts are trustworthy, skillful in clarifying complex concepts, and effective and confident in written and oral communications.

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