Working with clients and their partners

As an expert advisory and technology solutions firm for the debt and derivatives markets, Chatham Financial works not only with its clients but also with their partners and service providers. Proactive, transparent communication, timely exchange of critical information and attention to quality and detail are just a few of the ways that Chatham collaborates with all parties in the business engagement.

We work with a range of experts and specialists in related and ancillary fields, including:

Auditors: As leaders in hedge execution, hedge accounting, and debt and derivative valuation, Chatham has built an excellent reputation with national, regional, and local audit firms. The Big 4 and other audit firms are confident in our approaches, methodologies, and results. We partner with audit firms to properly apply the accounting standards and to clarify the interpretation of hedge accounting and fair value measurement rules. We regularly provide comment letters and input to the FASB and IASB as we stay up-to-date with the ever-changing accounting landscape, while developing practical solutions to complex accounting requirements for our mutual clients.

Legal Counsel: Our derivatives market perspective and in-depth knowledge of each client’s hedging strategies complements the legal expertise of our client’s in-house and/or outside counsel. We apply this experience to ISDA negotiation, trade documentation and derivatives regulatory compliance. We regularly collaborate with counsel to ensure that pre-trade documentation and operational terms are accurate, completed promptly and fully compliant.

We also partner with our client legal counsel on many regulatory matters, from determining a client’s substantive regulatory impact to defining best alternatives for selecting FCMs to collaborating on solutions for OTC margin requirements.

Other Partners: Chatham’s own collaborative environment extends to a wide variety of other organizations with whom we partner in the best interest of our mutual clients. From system integrators, individual providers of software and technology and financial brokers to agency originators, loan servicers, relationship banks and various trade organizations, organizations trust Chatham for a broad range of business needs.

Chatham works to understand our client’s goals and then seeks to engage and work side-by-side with its other business partners to deliver best results.

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