VIDEO: Chatham’s Advisory Boot Camp

New hires of Chatham Financial discuss how Chatham’s Advisory Boot Camp has help them set up for a successful transition from college to a career in financial services. A full transcription of the video is available below.

Video Transcript:
Narrator: Advisory boot camp is a training program designed for new client-facing employees at Chatham Financial. Attendees spent four weeks in full-time training before being deployed to respective teams. Boot camp covers a wide range of topics across the organization including Chatham’s purposes and values, bond math, derivative products and consulting practices. Boot campers spend their time in classroom sessions and on independent work like online courses, problem sets and case studies.

Garret Lee: My name is Garret Lee.

Heather Bothwell: My name is Heather Bothwell.

Greg Danchik: I’m Greg Danchik.

Garret Lee: Boot camp is a series of lessons that we are going to be having in the upcoming weeks to learn quite a bit about what Chatham is, the history behind the company and what we will each be doing within our role.

Heather Bothwell: I’m doing all this pre-work now learning all of the vocab, and I’m really excited for learning how will all of these terms and principles that I’m learning about apply to Chatham and how Chatham uses those in their day to day business.

Garret Lee: I’ll also just get a good understanding of what I’ll be doing and what Chatham does, so that I can really speak well to the clients that we have.

Heather Bothwell: By hearing from people all across Chatham, I’ll definitely figure out where all of the different things that I’m learning about fit into the company and why it’s all important.

Greg Danchik: Mark, on the first day, taught us what a derivative was. It was amazing.

Garret Lee: Every person I have come across has been very open and just wanting to help out.

Heather Bothwell: Being in a class together, the eight of us, was really a great experience. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten as much out of it even if I was just sitting in a classroom with one or two other people.

Garret Lee: The teacher has been very friendly and wanting to get to know us.

Heather Bothwell: Really just bouncing off of one another, our questions and what we had learned.

Garret Lee: There were several different people that helped me learn the Bloomberg models.

Greg Danchik: It was really cool to see everyone who is a leader on their team come in and be so passionate about what they’re doing.

Heather Bothwell: Boot camp has been awesome. I came here not really knowing what to expect. Day one, found out, a hundred hours of class time, 60 hours of week. I was like, what an I getting myself into?

Greg Danchik: It’s awesome how it all worked out.

Garret Lee: Above all else, I think I’ll take away the relationships that I’ve made here at the Kennett office.

Heather Bothwell: It has been just an absolutely amazing experience.

Greg Danchik: I’m excited to get rolling in the actual job.

Heather Bothwell: A lot of things that I’ve technically learned.

Greg Danchik: Being able to walk around the office here, people say things, and I’d be like, I have no idea what that means. Now I do. I get what people are saying.

Garret Lee: I definitely learned a lot this summer just about how to connect with people. As an analyst, I can’t even really put to words how much I’ve learned, boot strapping, interest rates and foreign exchange. We’ve really grown as a team here working together on all these projects.

Greg Danchik: In this four weeks you’re going to learn as much as you’ve learned in college about one specific thing. It is unbelievable how awesome it is.

Heather Bothwell: I want to thank everyone who participated in boot camp and then just thank Chatham as a whole for providing us with this opportunity and helping me be so happy at my first job. I can’t wait for what’s in store.