Getting Started at Chatham

We consider the interview process a tool for mutual discovery. It is just as important that a candidate have the opportunity to assess Chatham as vice versa. Our goal is to hire those who not only meet the job requirements but also who demonstrate that they can impact our business and thrive in our culture.

The interview typically starts with a phone screen, then a short local onsite for the candidate. The final stage is a half or full day of interviews that may include meeting up to a dozen Chathamites.

Sometimes this multi-step process can take a bit longer, but we believe this approach allows a candidate to gain a good perspective as to who we are and what we do. It also allows those with whom a candidate may end up working to get better acquainted with their prospective team member.

Our interview style

Our interview style is often described as conversational in nature, but interwoven with a number of technical and skills-based questions. We use brainteaser questions to evaluate problem solving orientation or skill demonstration assessments to help understand a candidate’s competency. Our goal is to get a whole-person assessment of a candidate’s skills, talents, character, and personality.

How we make hiring decisions

We think that a variety of perspectives and input leads to more thoughtful decisions. We value the input of everyone involved in the process, and although the final decision to hire rests with the hiring manager, we prefer broad buy-in and support from everyone who participates in the interview process.

Our training

Most new team members join us without deep capital markets knowledge. Chatham has a proven track record of developing expertise in-house. We balance company-wide structured training programs with on-the-job training within the team.

We’re in the process of developing Advisory Boot Camp, a new training program for incoming client-facing employees. During this time, they are dedicated to full-time training, including classroom sessions, problem sets, and case studies. The content ranges from Chatham’s purposes and values, to bond math and derivative products, to consulting practices.

Our team members subscribe to a lifelong learner mindset, recognizing that no one ever knows all of the answers. This thirst for knowledge and desire to always be learning is what motivates individuals to master their domain of expertise. Click here for a video to learn more about the Chatham Advisory Boot Camp experience.