October 22: Introduction to Interest Rate Hedging for Financial Institutions

Introduction to Interest Rate Hedging for Financial Institutions

October 22, 2014 | Recording Available
Interest rate derivatives can be highly effective solutions for financial institutions seeking to manage interest rate risk from a balance sheet perspective, on a loan-by-loan basis, or both. The first part of this webinar will cover the many benefits interest rate derivatives offer financial institutions and how best to incorporate derivatives and hedge accounting into an ALM strategy. Next, we will discuss the two most popular methods for hedging interest rate risk at the loan level: borrower back-to-back swaps and the hedging...

Treasury & Risk: Nitty-Gritty on the Margin Rules

Nitty-Gritty on the Margin Rules
By Meg Waters
September 25, 2014

“To get to the bottom of the proposed regulation and the ambiguity that continues to cause anxiety, Treasury & Risk sat down with Luke Zubrod, director of risk and regulatory advisory with Chatham Financial and a technical advisor to the Coalition for Derivatives End-Users. Luke regularly confers with U.S. Congressional staff and federal regulatory agencies including the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Federal Reserve regarding derivatives regulatory matters."
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BreakingViews: Guest view: U.S. swaps need clearer reform

Guest view: U.S. swaps need clearer reform

July 25, 2014, BreakingViews
By Luke Zubrod
Clearer changes are needed for U.S. derivatives markets than the Dodd-Frank Act’s prescription. Four years after the regulatory reboot became law, many of the reformers’ hopes have been realized.

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Private Equity Case Study: Currency Challenges

Private Equity Case Study: Currency Challenges

Our Client:

A large private equity firm executing an acquisition in a developed economy.


A private equity consortium had agreed to acquire a North American company. Due to the state of debt capital markets, a substantial portion of the debt capital structure was denominated in USD with floating rates.


The consortium and company needed to determine the best way to address the currency mismatch between cash flow and interest expense, as well as the optimal way to create a higher percentage of fixed rate debt. Chatham Financial educated the team on the use of cross-currency swaps, created transparency in the execution process of the hedging transactions, and assisted in the negotiation of the key documentation for the derivatives to ensure no hedge counterparty...

PrecisionLender University – Hedging and Interest Rate Swaps

Hedging and Interest Rate Swaps
By Chatham's Bob Newman
March 19, 2014

..."In this session, we're joined by Bob Newman from Chatham Financial. Bob shares the ins-and-outs of interest rate swaps and the process of implementing a hedging strategy at your bank.”
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Mar. 26: Interest Rate Hedging: Unveiling Market Complexities

Interest Rate Hedging: Unveiling Market Complexities

March 26, 2014 | Recording Available

While regulators and participants have made great strides in increasing transparency of derivatives markets, new pricing and execution complexities have emerged in response to the changing market dynamics. This same regulatory environment has brought interest rate risk management into focus for management teams, as hedging policy has become a requirement to claim exemption from certain elements of Dodd-Frank regulation. As such, we’ve prepared an educational series on the current state of interest rate hedging, how companies are thinking about effective policies, and current...

WSJ: CFO Journal: From Taxes to Executive Pay, New Rules for the New Year

CFO Journal: From Taxes to Executive Pay, New Rules for the New Year
By Emily Chasan
December 31, 2013

...“Guidance expected from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission could change the way companies conduct cross-border swaps trading, a common means of offsetting contract risks. The guidance will apply only to international swaps transactions, so companies may choose to make more trades within their own borders "to eliminate the hassle," said Luke Zubrod, a director at risk advisory firm Chatham Financial.”...
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USD Regulation: Non-financial end users

USD Regulation: Non-financial end users
By Yiying Luthra
December 17, 2013

In a recent conversation with Luke Zubrod, Director of Risk and Regulatory Advisor at Chatham Financial, Zubrod believes that going into 2014 “the main question for non-financial end users is whether the margin regime apply.”
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Experts in CRE debt and derivatives valuation

Determining the accurate, fair value of commercial real estate loan debt or applied derivative instruments may seem simple on the surface. Nonetheless, improper measurements can lead to significant, long-term financial loss over the course of the loan or derivative. It may also prompt questions from investors, auditors, and regulators.

How Chatham’s valuation services help real estate clients

Independent third-party expertise: Chatham has been working with real estate companies for over 20 years, using proprietary models and independently gathered data to value debt and derivatives. And our advisors are in the markets every day, continually building market knowledge, monitoring trends, and adjusting for changing standards.

From caps, swaps, and FX forwards, through to more exotic derivatives, Chatham offers a robust platform that provides clients with real-time values via our secure website. Our...


Derivative Valuation Services for Corporations

Failure to properly measure the fair value of a derivative can result in significant losses over the life of the instrument. Using outdated valuation modeling techniques or simply not understanding how derivative fair values are measured often lead to additional scrutiny from management, auditors and regulators, further increasing costs to the company.

Benefits of Chatham Derivative Valuations Services

An independent third-party: Chatham’s trusted capabilities are comprehensive. We cover all types of interest rate, foreign currency and commodity derivatives—from caps and all types of swaps including cross-currency to FX forwards, options and exotic derivatives. Our robust platform uses proprietary methodology to provide clients with current values on our secure website. Our best-in-class valuation models have been tested and reviewed by auditors from the leading accounting firms. Simply put, we offer the most robust and...