Derivative Regulatory Resources

New derivatives regulations will significantly impact the way end users execute and manage derivatives. Chatham has actively participated in the public policy debate on derivatives. Whether testifying before Congress, analyzing & commenting on regulations, or briefing House & Senate staff on the important role derivatives play in the real economy, Chatham has worked to ensure end users can continue efficiently managing risk. As companies prepare to comply with the regulations, this website offers a wealth of resources to help them get started. For those with additional needs, Chatham’s Regulatory Compliance Services helps companies minimize compliance risk and reduce the hassle of compliance.

  • Regulatory Compliance Services

    Chatham has expanded its consulting service for companies seeking to understand and adapt to new derivatives regulatory requirements. Read More

  • Comment Letters and Policy Analyses

    Chatham has co-authored rulemaking comment letters and policy analysis as part of the Coalition for Derivatives End-Users. Read More


  • Thought Leadership

    From sector-specific guides for end users of derivatives, to presentations on policy implications, to articles and white papers, Chatham’s online resource center provides a comprehensive source of timely information on OTC derivatives regulation. Read More