Hedging Advisory

Chatham works closely with the treasury, accounting and capital markets teams of more than 1,000 businesses around the world. Ours is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We work best when we become a part of our clients’ finance teams, understanding their objectives, risk tolerance and business constraints. Our goal is to help manage interest rate and currency risks using the right hedge strategy, at the right price and on fair terms – making sure that there are no surprises along the way.

We come along side of our clients and support them on all aspects of their hedging programs and transactions, including:

  • Risk management analysis and consulting
  • Hedging strategy development
  • Transaction execution
  • Documentation negotiation both pre and post trade
  • Accounting and valuations for the life of the trade


“We consider Chatham an integral member of our corporate finance team and have been very pleased with the services they provide”

— Keith Giger, Vice President of Finance,
HCA – Hospital Corporation of America

Because we have been advising clients since 1991 we have deep insight into how businesses can effectively hedge their risks. We’ve assisted clients in hedging almost every type of interest rate and currency risk a business can face and we have worked in all types of market conditions. Chatham’s broad experience helps navigate clients through:

    • Economic terms
    • Legal terms considerations
    • Credit terms for your derivative
    • Accounting complexity of various hedge alternatives
    • Volatile markets for certain derivatives

Chatham has a team of consultants who handle a transaction volume that exceeds on average $1 billion in hedged notional each business day. The superior market knowledge gained from this volume enables us to fuel our proprietary pricing models to help ensure efficient market execution, whether by way of competitive auction or in a direct negotiation with your banking partners.

Chatham works with an incredibly diverse group of clients from some of the largest and most sophisticated corporations, real estate and private equity firms who are actively hedging business risks to the small independent companies doing their first hedge. We have worked with over 100 financial institutions who are hedge providers which gives us the knowledge to ensure our clients know what are their best available counterparties for hedging.