Capital Advisory  

Chatham Capital Advisors delivers unbiased, strategic, and actionable advice to real estate clients facing complex financial issues. Our analytic tools, market knowledge, and expertise help clients anticipate, evaluate, and successfully navigate transactions in an efficient and profitable manner.  Our objective is not only to help our clients achieve the best current execution, but also to determine the appropriate capital structure and business plan for their organizations in the long term. 

Building on over 50 years of experience in the real estate finance markets, Chatham Capital Advisors has advised our clients on over $12 billion of real estate capital market and restructuring transactions.  Our expertise and experience include raising capital, both at the asset and enterprise level, strategic advisory engagements, and restructuring / bankruptcy advisory assignments. 

Every transaction is unique, and each brings its own set of challenges and hurdles.  As trusted advisors we work with our clients through all aspects of a transaction, from inception to closing.  Chatham’s market knowledge, broad relationships with capital sources, and breadth of advisory services allow us to tailor specific financial solutions that meet the needs of our clients.